High-Value Homeownership in Volusia County

High-Value Homeownership in Volusia County

Beach access. Beautiful weather. Attractions from night life to nature to world-class dining. These are features we often associate with a premium price tag—but here in Volusia County, they come in a surprisingly affordable package!

Just read on to learn more about high-value homeownership in Volusia County, and how your trusted team of Daytona Beach realtors can help you achieve it. Take a look.

High rankings, low cost of living

If you’re considering a move to Volusia County, you might be spending lots of time researching the area online (just like you’re doing right now!). In doing so, you’ll likely find that our county and cities rank highly on lists such as Yahoo’s “Best Places to Live in Florida for Families,” or Market Watch’s “The best and most affordable places to live in Florida.” Like much of the Sunshine State, our slice of Florida boasts beautiful environments, family-friendly neighborhoods and access to renowned educational institutions—but few can match our value and affordable cost of living.

Room to live, play and grow

Here in Volusia County, a low population density (ranked well below more bustling counties like Broward, Miami-Dade and Duval) lends a sense that you are receiving more space for your money, too. This can manifest in a wide variety of ways, from a more spacious lot to a calmer, more laidback pace when shopping, dining or exploring the region. When you want to savor the Sunshine State experience in its truest form, with more room to explore and enjoy, Volusia County has you covered.

Affordable (or free) amenities

Another factor that can play into Volusia County’s cost-effective lifestyle is our abundance of affordable (or altogether free) amenities. Entire weekends can be spent kayaking or canoeing, by the beach, in local springs or on the river; discovering al fresco galleries a.k.a. “art walks” in our small towns, like DeLand and New Smyrna Beach; or simply relaxing in the sand that lines our picturesque county, all of your favorite vacation-style activities minus the vacation price tag. (Another perk? Even if you don’t live on the beach, you’re never far from it—so your dream of enjoying the surf and salty air every day can really come true.)

Thinking of moving to Daytona Beach Florida or one of its beautiful surrounding communities? The dynamic duo of Frank Bruno and Jim Dinneen is here to help! As former Volusia County chair and county manager, respectively, we’re here to offer you one-of-a-kind insights to Volusia County’s beautiful communities, schools and other information that will help you find the home of your dreams here. Just call us today to get started.

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