5 Tips from Ormond Beach Realtors to Make Your Relocation Easy

5 Tips from Ormond Beach Realtors to Make Your Relocation Easy

No matter if you are moving across the country to end up in beautiful Volusia County or crossing the street to a new home, relocation can be a taxing process. Fortunately, at Bruno & Dinneen, we have accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge from our years of experience serving the area in different capacities. Besides offering our relocation expertise at no cost to you, we also have a few tips to make your move as easy as possible – read on to learn more.

Find Free Boxes and Utilize What You Already Have

Relocating means confronting that dreaded word: packing. In order to be able to move all of your belongings, you need the necessary number of boxes to pack it all into. If you are someone who does not keep their boxes, consider asking around amongst family and friends, or visit a local grocery store – they are likely to have boxes at no cost to you. Additionally, do not overpay for wrapping paper and bubble wrap. Use your own belongings, such as blankets and linens, as cushioning for fragile objects.

Take Pictures of Everything

Before packing it away, make sure to take pictures of all your belongings – especially if hiring movers to handle your items for you. This can prove to be an incredibly useful tactic if any of your possessions are covered with insurance. Furthermore, while packing, try taking pictures of everything that goes into a box before actually packing it away. After your move, you can review your pictures to remember where each specific object is.

Pack Everything Room by Room

One common packing pitfall that many fall victim to is stowing away their smaller items anywhere they can find room in a box. If you are trying to make the most of what available space you have in an already-packed box, you should only use linens and towels to fill those spaces. Everything else should be packed separately room by room. We also recommend utilizing a system of color coding when labeling each box to make it that much easier on yourself once you have arrived at your new home.

Involve Your Children and Pets

Children should be involved in the moving process instead of left with a babysitter. As long as they are a suitable age, empower them to wrap up and put away their own toys and belongings. This can be a valuable teaching tool to show them how to be responsible and careful with their items. If you have any pets, call your vet and ask if there is any need for vaccination. They will also be able to provide you with valuable wellness tips to help your pet make it through the move with minimal fuss.

Prepare for the Unpacking

After moving, unpacking can be just as stressful because there is no deadline, meaning that many homeowners may put it off for weeks and weeks before fully completing it. Rather than putting off the stress of it, unpack the same way that you packed everything: room by room. Make sure to do any necessary cleaning first before unloading and fully occupying your new space. No move will ever be completely easy, but the process can be streamlined for you. Bruno & Dinneen coordinate with all realtors, listings, and inventory to maximize your choice and value of your new Ormond Beach home. Our expertise will save you time and money, and our unparalleled market knowledge will help you find the perfect home for your lifestyle. Let’s take care of business together – give us a call today.

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